The way you communicate...verbally and in fundamental to your professional success! You'll learn the do's and don'ts of speaking and writing with your colleagues and then, since 80% of communication is non-verbal, things will really get interesting.

"Conflict" is bad...but "opposition" is good -- in fact, it's GREAT!!  Get the "good news about conflict," and learn how to ALWAYS turn it into opposition -- then turn opposition into opportunity -- and then turn opportunity into progress! 

Effective Communications Skills

There are 24 hours in a day and, unfortunately, you'll have to devote some of them to something other than getting your work done. How can you get it all done when there never seems to be enough time? Learn the real secret to achieving optimal "time management."

"These young people expect everything instantly!"  "These old people take everything so seriously!" "Why can't you get to work on time?"  "Why can't I just stay later?" Learn why It's not necessarily a matter of "right or wrong," but rather a case of "then and now."

 To Be Or Not To Be:  Personality and Professionalism

 When in Rome: Propriety in the Workplace

 Pieces of the Puzzle: Where Do You Fit?


E   's unique staff development  programs instill or develop each employee's sense of personal responsibility for his or her workplace experience. Staff members are empowered to "self-manage" each workday for maximum productivity, cohesive teamwork and optimal professional fulfillment.

The following workshops touch on virtually every aspect of an employee's day-to-day work experience! The titles are followed by the subject matter, and the descriptions provided for staff announcements incite curiosity to achieve maximum employee attendance and/or virtual participation!

Employee Empowerment

Understanding your workplace roles and responsibilities

 Put Down Your Dukes: Those Were NOT Fighting Words

Are you naturally xenophobic? (google it). If so, that tendency may carry over into your interactions with colleagues of other races and peers from other places. Even if not, you will still benefit from this honest look at human responses to "that which differs."

 Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow: Ages and Eras in the Workplace

Professionalism in appearance, behavior and communications

 Apples and Oranges: Enjoying a Culturally Diverse Environment

 "Conflict" Resolution

Balancing individual performance with effective team participation.

Your company is like a puzzle, with each employee expected to fill his or her space to complete the picture. Do you feel you have the resources, authority and leadership you need to fill in your blank space? If you answer "No," it's time to learn to make bricks without straw.

Time Management

Generational Diversity

You are a unique individual who is often called upon to behave in ways that may or may not be organic to you. Learn when it's ok to

"do you" -- and when it may be best to do what's "expected" of you.

Navigating racial and cultural diversity in the workplace

 Enough is Enough: Controlling Your Relationship With Time

 Talk Isn't Cheap:  Understanding and Being Understood

Should you wear that to work? I know that's what you want to say, but should you say it?  Should you go to that person, or around them? Why do people keep saying you have an attitude? Self-define "propriety" -- from a 360-degree perspective.