• Writing and Executing Affidavits
  • The Investigative Summary
  • The Report of Investigation

Live Component Services:  Web-based modules are supplemented by live webinars with question-and-answer sessions, role-playing and individual coaching sessions.  These human interactions with an experienced EEO professional ensure clear communications, hands-on trouble-shooting and educational support.  They also facilitate first-hand competency assessments by the assigned E3 Training Specialist to ensure the program’s success. 

Custom Modules: For firms without in-house training staff, customized webinar modules may be produced for inclusion in the training program.  The modules will train investigators on the firm's specific investigative processes, policies and procedures. 

Add-On Services

  • Template Package - E3 Professional Solutions can develop a Template Forms and Documents package customized to the client firm’s requirements and designed to increase Investigator accuracy, productivity and proficiency. 
  • Project Management - E3 Professional Solutions can work hand-in-hand with firm leaders, staff and stakeholders to implement the accepted recommendations from the consulting outcomes.

About the CEO
Eraka Michelle Robertson is CEO of E3 Professional Solutions.  She is an impactful, effective trainer/presenter with nearly 20 years of experience as a federal EEO Investigator and more than 35 years of training and education experience for corporate clients such as Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics and HR ManorCare.  Ms. Robertson’s outstanding analytical and organizational skills achieve tailored, practical and effective results.  Her outstanding communications skills are enhanced by her unique, humorous and engaging presentation style for a unique and enjoyable learning experience. 

E3 trainings do not just teach “What to do” – E3 Professional Solutions teach “What to think,” imparting both knowledge and understanding of the subject matter to its participants.     

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  • The Investigative Mind
  • The Investigative Plan
  • Preparing for an Investigation
  • Scheduling and Interviewing

NvestiGate© is a comprehensive training program for the expert execution of federal EEO investigations.  The program combines consulting services, assessment tools, web-based instruction and live-component elements to provide operational enhancement for client firms and comprehensive training to new and experienced investigators of federal EEO complaints.

Nvest© – The Assessment Program
Nvest© is a separate vetting program for assessing the professional aptitude of both new and experienced investigators.  Nvest© helps measure the candidate’s investigative aptitude PRIOR to his or her official hire or contracting by the firm. The Nvest© Assessment Program includes exercises designed to not only assess an applicant’s basic “hard’ skills, but also the “soft skills” critical to both effective investigating and to maintaining a productive employee/contract relationship with the client firm.

By determining an applicant’s aptitude for professional and expert investigating BEFORE he or she is hired or contracted, the nominal vetting fee can save the firm literally thousands of dollars in staff time and material resources. The fee is also an “Nvestment” in protecting both the firm’s brand and its client-Agency relationships.  

Client firms may elect to license access to Nvest© as a stand-alone service.  ​[At this time, E3 is serving only corporate clients.  The Nvest© Assessment Program will begin accepting individual applicants in June 2020.  Individuals will be able to enroll in the NvestiGate© Training Program beginning in September 2020.]

NvestiGate© - The Training Program
The Core Modules:  In-depth training in every phase of the investigative process is provided by the seven core modules in NvestiGate©: