What's good for one is good for the other...or is it? When is it acceptable to discriminate?   Exactly what constitutes "workplace harassment" or a "hostile work environment?" Learn how to make the ADAA and Title VII play out in the real world.

Defining Your Management Style

Is your division a circle or a square? Are decisions made collectively or hierarchically? What policies are etched in stone and which ones give a little "give?" When do you take off your baseball cap and put on your manager's helmet? Learn to distribute the weight for balance.

How do you balance encouraging staff independence and avoiding chaos? How do you acknowledge staff without fostering a sense of entitlement? When do you manage the work versus do the work? Discover when to "be" and when "not to be" a hands-on manager.

 The Tightrope: Balancing Duty and Humanity

Employer Empowerment

 Sounds Different from the Top:  Effective Management Communications

 The Goose and the Gander:  Avoiding Workplace Discrimination

Communication Skills for Managers

 Apples and Oranges: Managing a Culturally Diverse Environment

 Eagle Eye: Maintaining a Managerial Perspective

Can a "Yes-Yes" in co-worker communications be a "No-No" for managers? Why is providing performance and conduct feedback as tricky as forging foreign policy? This is the "Talk Isn't Cheap" staff workshop tailored for managers and supervisors. 

Diversity & Inclusion

Ok, so you won't ever have to cut a baby in half to discover its true mother, but you will often have to take two halves and make them into one whole, which could be nearly as difficult. Managers are the first level of "conflict" resolution...make it also the last.

Are you naturally xenophobic? We all are in some ways, and that trait may carry over into your interactions with subordinates & peers of other races and places. Cultural sensitivity in a manager is not a choice...meet the requirement!


Staff Development & Morale Management

Equal Employment Opportunity and Workplace Harassment Issues

When one's nose is to the grindstone every day, it's very easy to lose sight of "The Big Picture." An effective manager must maintain a "birds-eye view" of his or her department to foresee problems before they arise and to discover solutions hidden in plain sight.

 To Be or Not To Be: That Is The Question

Staff "Conflict" Mediation

 The Solomon Effect:  Resolving Workplace "Conflict"

Strategic Planning

E   's  management development programs equip supervisors and managers with a game-changing perspective on extracting the best from their subordinates. Managers learn to find and forge their individual management style and wield it optimally to fulfill their multi-layered and often competing responsibilities.

The following workshops touch on virtually every aspect of a manager's day-to-day work experience. The titles are followed by the subject matter, and the descriptions provided for workshop announcements incite curiosity to achieve maximum employee attendance and/or virtual participation!