Corporation [kawr-puh-rey-shuh n]

Any group of persons united, or regarded as united, in one body.

Team [teem]

A number of persons associated in a joint action.

"Every team, crew, division, department, branch, organization or corporation is merely the sum total of its individual members. To achieve lasting change with the collective, one must first achieve lasting change with the empower them to create a team culture that will survive long after any team member has moved on."

-- Eraka Michelle Robertson


E  's client institutions successfully navigate workplace change, resolve hostile work environments, reduce discrimination complaints and strengthen workforce diversity. Individual or curricular empowerment programs can be customized according to staff- and mission-based needs, providing perpetual benefits from program outcomes.

Organizational Empowerment

"There's more than one line that stretches from a group's initial charge to the desired end-goal. It's not just the interim objectives and benchmarks that need to be identified; any differences between the desires of those charged with reaching the goal and their actual capabilities must be mapped out as well, or the most detailed and effective strategic plan will remain just that -- a plan. I ask my clients 'What do you want: a plan or a probability?"  Eraka Michelle Robertson

Organizational Development

Strategic Planning