Eraka Michelle Robertson’s extensive executive, managerial and administrative background combines with over a decade of hands-on EEO and diversity experience to give her keen insight into real-world management, diversity and professional development challenges.

She has executed “ground-up” programmatic initiatives; developed varied training and educational curricula; trained all workforce levels on a variety of skills and subjects; and investigated diversity, harassment and discrimination conflicts involving professionals from hospital janitorial staff to presidential cabinet-level executives.

Eraka's experience gives her a unique and comprehensive perspective on everything from macro-level organizational challenges to micro-level workforce issues. Most importantly, she has the education, training expertise and effective communication skills required to translate that experience into a new knowledge base for virtually any workforce and into sustainable solutions for virtually any client institution. But don't just take our word for it...

About Us


  To empower the professional fulfillment of individual employees,

  the cohesion of professional teams, and the optimal achievement

  of organizational goals and objectives.


​​"There is one job we all have that will always come first:  being human.  A powerful and effective professional must first become a more powerful and effective human being."    -- Eraka Michelle Robertson

​​​E   Professional Solutions provides comprehensive professional training and educational services.  Our programs target core human strengths and weaknesses -- not just the workplace symptoms of those strengths and weaknesses -- resulting in lasting, meaningful change in its program participants.  Areas of special expertise include hostile work environment resolution, expanding EEO and diversity awareness, and improving interpersonal and inter-positional communications.