Organizational Development

Managerial  Development

E   's unique staff development

programs instill a sense of personal responsibility in each employee for his or her workplace experience. They empower employees to "self-manage" each workday for maximum productivity and optimal professional fulfillment. 

E  's management development programs equip supervisors and managers with a game-changing perspective on extracting the best from their subordinates. Managers learn to find and forge their individual management style and wield it optimally to fulfill their multi-layered and often dueling responsibilities.

Eraka Michelle Robertson’s extensive executive, managerial and administrative background combines with over a decade of hands-on EEO and diversity experience to give her keen insight into real-world management, diversity and professional development challenges.

She has executed “ground-up” programmatic initiatives; developed training and educational curricula on a wide spectrum of organizational topics; trained workforces on all levels on a variety of skills and subjects; and investigated diversity, harassment and discrimination conflicts involving professionals from hospital janitorial staff to presidential cabinet-level executives.

E3 programs and services do not just teach “What to do” – E3 teaches “What to think” for permanent professional solutions.

Eraka's experience gives her a unique and comprehensive perspective on everything from macro-level organizational challenges to micro-level workforce issues. Most importantly, she has the education, training expertise and effective communication skills required to translate that experience into both a new knowledge base for virtually any workforce and  sustainable solutions for virtually any client institution.

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Workforce Development

E  's client institutions successfully navigate workplace change, resolve hostile work environ-ments, reduce discrimination complaints and strengthen workforce diversity. Curricular empowerment programs can be customized for staff- and mission-based needs, providing
perpetual benefits from program outcomes.

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